Welcome to the Multilingual Literacy SIFE Screener (MLS). For more information about SIFE & the MLS visit here. You can find more information about SIFE in New York state here.

To learn more on how to apply for an account and access the MLS, see the MLS Quicksheet. You can watch the full webinar or the 2021 update webinar. Be sure to review the MLS Checklist before administering a test.

Fall 2020 update: There is now an auto-save feature for the MLS. A student can resume a test within 15 minutes of closing out of the test. After that, the test administrator can contact our user services team member to unlock their test for them.

Are there additional languages you would like to see added to the MLS? Let us know here: https://forms.gle/E9NQGwpRshTn98Qf6.

Contact mls.email.server@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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